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Patent Allowed / Child Patent soon to come

alexcarzola's Avatargold

I just received information that my Utility Patent has been allowed. 

Before the deadline October, I am planning on filing for a child patent and a design patent before accepting the original Utility Patent. These would make my Patent stronger.

I have the invention in Edison Nations multiple categories. 


Question:  do I move forward with the child patent application, and the design application, or do I wait to see if it will be assigned to Edison Nation? 

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magurn's Avataren_staff_badge

Hi Alex!

The EN team cannot provide legal guidance on patent matters. This decision is entirely up to you. We recommend consulting with your patent attorney. 

Best of luck!

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smallprojects's Avatargold


Interesting concept, I too have been working on something in the same field of your invention but not really similar. I really like the artwork/pictures illustrating the different concepts for your product idea.

It sounds like you are making good progress with your patent. I believe E.N. will only get involved with the patent side of things, if they successfully broker a licensing contract for you. I could not find the published patent online at this point, I would be careful about what you are promoting online and advertising online, if the patent is not a done deal yet. Non Provisional Patents can take a couple of years to publish though depending on the office actions, revisions, etc...

I recently updated one of my submissions in this field and included a list for E.N. of cart manufacturers that would likely be a good fit for producing an innovative cart. Maybe we both will have success in this field!?!?!

Best of luck to you with your project and invention. 


BTW - mulelift . com sounds better to me than mobileutilityliftergonomics . com

but that's just my opinion. 

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alexcarzola's Avatargold

Chase I agree

I went with Mulelift.com 

If you complete a search fro Alex Carzola Patent you will find the published patent. 

I will be filing a child patent and design patent before accepting the allowance of the Utility patent. Thanks for the advice

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gizmo's Avatar


It's up to you but I see no harm in waiting to file the other applications if you have not  disclosed you're concept to the public without signed NDA. Interesting the website you indicate a Patent #15601760. It's actually you're application #15/601760. 

Yes you have a Patent notice of allowance dated 6/27/18 and anyone can review the entire file history through the USPTO Public Patent Application Info Retrieval . 

Chase what site are your searching his application on USPTO ? When using the USPTO search site "always" use last name first Carzola Alexander. If you go to the Patent Public Pair search page and search by application # 15/601760 you will be able to review the history 

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alexcarzola's Avatargold

Thank you for the great information, 

This is new to me.  I will update it on my website. 

I was thinking that the application number was the same as the patent number. 

Thanks again. 

I am beginning the process of a child and design patent.  


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kimmyk's Avatargold

Nice!  Great product, and I can see many applications for it. 

One of my first "real" ideas was after watching a patient being loaded on a stretcher and the stretcher then being lifted up to full height.... "there's gotta be a better way than straining your back trying to extend a heavy frame up against gravity."  (Fortunately, new stretcher models came out not long afterwards that addressed that issue with an automated lift system)    This experience gave me the inventing bug, and your mule reminded me of that.  :)

Please take this as feedback only - not criticism:  I tend to lip-read, so I had some trouble watching that video as the speaker's mouth was out of sync with the audio.  Otherwise, nicely done.  I hope you're wildly successful!!  

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alexcarzola's Avatargold

Thanks so much Kim!

Yes I agree with you on the mouth and audio not 

Lining up.  I completed this video on a very small budget.  So the next one may be a lot better. The design of the video is to show a vision as to where the Mule maybe used in different applications. Within 10 days I will be adding additional drawings. Medical surgeries, laptop table, with charging station, Dentist table. Etc.  Thanks again.  I am a single lonely small budget enterprise.   Following through on a vision. 

Thanks again

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