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Provisional Patent Application (PPA) Fee has been reduced to $75

smallprojects's Avatargold

I filed a Provisional Patent Application (PPA) this morning and the new application fee for a Small Entity category which would probably include most people reading this was only $75. Last year when I filed some applications the fee was $130 a piece for Small Entity. 

Just figured I would share this information as it is nice to be paying considerably less for the same service. That's roughly a 40% discount. Apparently, this changed at the beginning of the year in January 2018. It's surprising the government is asking less money for anything they charge for. 

This is great for small independant inventors that do not want to invest more than neccessary in their ideas.

Here is the official link to the USPTO fee as of 05/2018


*I should also note the $75 dollar PPA fee is only if a person files the paperwork themselves without a service/attorney and electronically.

Eddie Luckey
Paul Ortega
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gizmo's Avatar


The fees didnt go down they went up. You paid more last time because you filed for "small entity. This time you filed "Micro Entity".

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smallprojects's Avatargold

hmm.. I will have to look into this again. I could have mistakingly filed the wrong fee. Thanks for the extra set of eyes Gizmo. It appears a Small Entity Fee is now $140 - I knew the lower price seemed strange. 

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phyll33's Avatargold

how much does it cost for a design patent fee to file and for the design patent to be issued

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