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Scam Alert - Licensing Deals

high5apparatus's Avatar

Beware of someone calling from a place called Universal Manufacturing Corp saying they are interested in licensing your patent.  Red flags went up immediately for me, but I decided to play along to see where they were headed until I got the ultimate red flag: give us thousands of dollars for us to license your product.

Their website is universalmanufacturingcorp.com and you will see such obvious mistakes where reverse image searches of "products" on their site are incredibly wrong: such as something listed as a OBDM Monitor that is a vacuum or the "timing diagnostics set" which is just an MP3 player link for a car.

Their current website is almost an exact clone of one for Global Express Manufacturing (globalexpressmfginc.com), so they are either copying the con, or changing their name to start over.  The Universal Manufacturing Corp URL was registered via a anonymous proxy registrar just last February.

When they miraculously called us back to say the creative team picked our product (which I predicted weeks earlier to my wife because the scam doesn't work unless they pick our product) we turned them down after they started asking for money.  They keep calling, but we are not answering.

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gadgetmanken's Avatargold

You hopefully didn’t loose your idea in the process did you? Their site may have been hacked too. But they could be scamming and or stealing ideas. Alot of us here can relate to that.

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mvesterby's Avatar

Thank you for your post.  I just recently received a call from them on my patent.  I didn't get to a point of them asking for money on the phone.  The licensing guy rescheduled the first call and then didn't call me at the rescheduled time.  After reaching back to him via email to see if we were still on and emailing the rep that setup the first one, he then called me and didn't even apologize for missing the time.  He started in with a bunch of detailed questions about my business, product and sales and was calling me "buddy" on phone like we had been working together for years, so I started asking questions about their company.  He then somewhat aggressively proceeded with dialog that they were interested in helping me grow my sales and asked if I wasn't interested like I should automatically just start disclosing everything about my business because they called.  I told him sure I was interested but I won't share that sort of information without a Non-Disclosure agreement in place.  To be honest, I wouldn't share that information even with an NDA in place.  At that point he cut the conversation short and said you've got my email address, send us what you've got and we will take a look at it.  The whole call felt like I should be grateful they even called.  Not the way to develop genuine business relationships.

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allanna85's Avatar

A woman name Erica Grey called me from this company and told me they were interested in my product. She explained she found my product from a company I worked with, invents.com, which they do create an website for your product for companies to view.  I am schedule to speak with a man by the name of Daniel Hillard Wednesday at 10am. I will entertain this conversation to see how far this goes,  however, I will NOT nor will I EVER discuss my product without an NDA in place and even so they have to show me how legit they are. Too many scammers and creeps to just give valuable information too. 

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