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Who gets Patent Rights for a successful idea that has no Patent

alexcarzola's Avatargold

If an individual submits an idea that has been accepted by Edison Nation, in any 8step submission, and a patent is filed and approved for that idea.  Who becomes the inventor for that invention?

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gizmo's Avatar

Easy Answer: Anyone that contributed to at least "one" of the Patent Application "allowed" Claims. 

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alexcarzola's Avatargold

Thank you,  

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smallprojects's Avatargold

Like Gizmo said, anyone who contributed to the patent in the allowed claims portion can be listed as an inventor on the patent. 

Below I have attached a screen shot of the way a typical patent looks at first glance when searching Google Patents. I hope Betsy doesn't mind that I screenshotted her published patent since most people here are probably familar with her success with Edison Nation and the Eggies product she invented. It lists her as the inventor as well as "Iam assuming" persons that also contributed to the patent. 

Alex, since you already have a patent and if no revision is done and than that might possibly just leave your name as the inventor, but dont qoute me. If Edison Nation produces a deal for you they will likely become the Assignee. 

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kristina.poindexter's Avataren_staff_badge

Hi Alex,

To confirm, if your idea is selected from a search, Edison Nation acquires the rights to your idea (please see the Innovator Agreement) so that we can pursue licensing opportunities on your behalf. When patent protection is pursued, your name will remain as the original inventor.

Hope this clarifies!

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alexcarzola's Avatargold

Thank you Kristina and Chase. 

I was just curious for inventions with no Patents

and just ideas that are submitted.  You guys have answered my question.  

Happy Inventing to all !! 


Kristina Poindexter
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