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Custom Styrofoam Parts?

gabethedragon's Avatar

   I have yet another idea to mind, but I ran into trouble. Part of my product contains a custom lenghted, custom shaped styrofoam or plastic part. However, I cannot find a manufacturer that will produce such thing according to my dimensions. 

Can anyone point me out to a company that produces custom Styrofoam parts?

Thanks, mondragon

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keeztan's Avatargold

Are you looking for a manufacturer to produce a number of parts for production or just a prototype? Look to Thomas register for fabricators of EXPANDED POLYSTYRENE (EPS) Foam products. (Technically Styrofoam is a Dow Chemical trademarked brand of expanded polystyrene foam, this is why you will never see products labeled as styrofoam cups but rather Foam Cups)

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vitaminguy's Avatargold

I'm guessing you want to make a prototype or proof of concept?  You can make a mold from clay and buy expanding two-part polyurethane foam to pour into it. I get such materials from www.sculpt.com.

Robert Pontius
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rpontius's Avatarg8_badge

That's an excellent suggestion Rafael.

Also, especially if the styrofoam part is large, a "hot wire" knife can neatly cut various foam materials. 

Rafael Avila
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vitaminguy's Avatargold

Thanks Robert. I've had a lot of fun making prototypes and costumes out of polyurethane, using two part silicone rubber molds (often with fiberglass backing). Below are some costumes I made out of polyurethane, using silicon rubber molds. At the bottom is a pic of the actual Two-part silicon rubber I like to use. Very strong and great long-term stability. I've used molds made from Rebound 25 after 5 years sitting in my attic. No sticking and no distortions. Beautiful stuff.

Mark Bartlett
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gadgetmanken's Avatargold

You can buy foam packaging that has a thin bag that expans around your product to protect it during shipping. If you cannot find who offers this try getting a plastic bag and some glue stick like lipstick applicator and spray foam insulation for cracks from the hardware store. Spray it in the back and it will expand yo areas where it can move just leave a small opening. Let it harden, trim and shave to your dimensions.

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kimmyk's Avatargold

That's fantastic, Jimmy's Band!  I hope the kids continue in their success.

James Chapman
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chappy75's Avatar

Depending on what it is The machine that we are about to purchase can cut foam up to 16'X45"wide. and can plunge details 8". Generally used for surf boards and paddle boards. Like I said, depends on what it is. I don't have my machine(s) yet but there is one  in Rockledge FL and the operator does a lot of 1-offs.

I still have to learn it but we have classes set up after we finish the redesign.. 

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