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How do I attach a polyester sponge securely to rubber glove?

fredwill's Avatar

I'm trying to build my prototype and I need to attach polyester sponge material and scouring pad material to a rubber glove. I am having trouble finding a way to do this that can be done on a mass scale. 

I have tried considering various forms of glue, but I don't know how well these would adhere the sponge and scouring pad (which is porous) to a material that will constantly bend (rubber glove). 

What glues would you guys recommend that isn't branded or patented? (like gorilla glue or GOOP, they are patented glues)

And if I shouldn't use glue, is there a way to melt the polyester sponge onto the glove? That would seem much more efficient.

Thanks guys!

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kabuj's Avataree_badge

A urethane based glue should work. Also, I do not think you need to be concerned about the flexibility of the sponge/scouring pad vs. rubber glove. The average sponge/scrubber combo is bent and flexed much more than a glove would be on a human hand.

Lastly, an industry manufacturer of sponges would know the best industrial way to adhere the materials. I assume if you are looking to mass produce you would use a contract manufacturer. You may want to look up industry fabricators and convertors.

I actually have a sponge and scoring pad based product I'm working on, so I'm pretty familiar.

Good Luck.

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fredwill's Avatar

Thank you, a urethane based glue seems like a good idea, do you know any cheap but effectifurethane based glues? All i seem to find when i search any glue (super glue, silicone sealant, urethane, hot glue, etc) is gorilla glue constantly popping up lol.

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kabuj's Avataree_badge

Try This 3M glue (they should have it at Home Depot or other hardware store):


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fastforming's Avatar

Have you tried contact cement?  It will adhere dissimilar materials and is very affordable.

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