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Does anyone know a reliable company that I can contact to get a cost estimate for a prototype with motor engineering? Thanks! 

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Hi Charlotte!

You are welcome to explore the services of our sister company, Enventys Partners, for your needs.

Best of luck!

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keeztan's Avatargold

Not necessarily in regards to this question, but I recently ran across this tutorial that may help some inventors that need a low-tech mold:


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Obviously you shouldn't share details of your invention but there are a few specifics that may help with your question.

What kind of motor? There's a world of difference between a prototype with say, a small battery-powered DC electric motor in a plastic housing vs. a large gasoline or diesel motor.

Is your invention the motor itself or a product that uses a motor?

A few years ago I saw a group at a "TechShop" makerspace creating a new kind of large diesel motor for trucks - they made it themselves part by part on a small Tormach CNC machine.

On the opposite extreme I often make small battery-powered DC motor items by purchasing inexpensive motor-powered items at a store and literally "hacking" them up to fit inside my prototype - it's cheaper and less hassle than buying a motor and soldering wiring etc. and doesn't require any engineering. Usually that's good enough for proof of concept.

Karen C Adams
Mark Bartlett
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rpontius's Avatarg8_badge

Has anyone tried Angelus shoe/leather paint? I just saw it in a Dick Blick art supplies email. Looks like it could be really useful for prototyping:


Mark Bartlett
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Interesting stuff.  Not only for prototyping but craft projects, costumes and probably other uses around the house as well.  I will have to save it somewhere in my favorites for future reference.


Robert Pontius
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