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protoTYPING: Q&A with EN designer, Jeremy

leamlefebvre's Avatar

Do you read EN Designer, Jeremy Losaw’s blog series, ProtoTYPING? Wether you’ve read every post, or are just joining us for the first time, we invite you to ask Jeremy any question you may have as it relates to prototyping, 3D printing, design technique, tools, prototype bloopers, etc. Post your question here or email us at social media@edisonnation.com.

Stay tuned! Answers will be posted in this month’s ProtoTYPING post in two weeks.

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dxflyer's Avatar

Prototyping has to be the best part of inventing, seeing your idea come to life. I’d imagine it as giving birth to your new born baby (not that I’d really know being a guy).

Sorry I don’t have any questions yet, but is the email: socialmedia@edisonnation.com or just media@edisonnation.com?

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leamlefebvre's Avatar

Oops! It looks like the email got broken up.

It’s: socialmedia@edisonnation.com

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sidhanth's Avatar

A prototype is designed to test a product's efficacy and its success...

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