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InvENting 101: To Submit or Not to Submit..THAT is the question...

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Hey guys!

Check out our latest InvENting 101 now live on the blog! 

In this article, we discuss the positive side of conquering your fear to share your idea...

Enjoy and share your insights in the thread below!

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williamj's Avatargold

I’ve read the blog “InvENting 101: To Submit or NOT to Submit…that is the question…” and would like to share some of my thoughts in this aspect of the inventing process.

Helping Others

I have a tendency for critical thinking, without much emotional consideration at all. So the focus of helping individuals isn’t a prerequisite. Although my completed thoughts and concepts do tend to help people in general, the concept of helping an individual or group of individuals isn’t a prerequisite.

For example, the majority of my concepts are pretty much infrastructural. Only a few percentages of my concept are actual consumer products sold from endcaps close to the check-out line in some place of business.

Perhaps only fifteen percent of my concepts truly fit EN’s business model. The other eighty five percent would be for large corporations or multinational considerations. Some of the larger concepts I have fall into the categories of renewable energies, reduction of destructive tidal forces and revamping the concept of truck trains.

As for the smaller concepts I have submitted, and will continue to submit, to EN.

Sharing yields feedback

Yes, sharing does indeed yield feedback. The kind of feedback you receive depends entirely on the individual with whom you shared your idea.

My wife and I were over forty years ago, and despite that forty year relationship, we are, at best, one hundred and eighty degrees apart on most everything. If, for instance, I would share the idea of a new method of knitting and or crocheting I would pay head to her feedback. However, if I were to ask her opinion of the possibility of revamping the practice of moving multiple trailers with one diesel tracker she would most likely say, “Huh”? So we must indeed choose wisely in the selection of individuals from whom we seek feedback.

Karen C Adams
Michelle Sartori
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inovate's Avataree_badge

bless you my friend, you double hearted that one. thank you.

Aloha Charlie

Michelle Sartori
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smallprojects's Avatargold

Totally agree with William's point of being selective to whom we might or might not show an idea or concept. I am not personally worried about someone trying to steal an idea of mine as inventing is such long and tedious work sometimes. I don't know anyone that submit themselves to that kind of torture! Just kidding! Some people though simply can not grasp an idea or can't understand the value of certain things if it's not something they would do or use in their normal routine of life. It's hard for many people to look at things scientifically vs. emotionally as well. 

I only ask certain people for advice at times because others will simply tell you it's "great" no matter what it is and some others could find fault if you invented the cure for cancer. I am just figuratively speaking of course. So it really takes a special friend or person to share something with and they can look at it open-mindedly, give it actual thought and consideration and then an honest opinion about it. 

Edison Nation is in the business of inventing and licensing products so I am confident that their judgment of an idea or concept and feedback is pretty spot on. 

Kristina Poindexter
Michelle Sartori
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