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Can't break through / BoxCan

brian4en's Avatar


I have a design I've come up with and I'm having a very hard time getting any of the 6 major manufactures/developers to buy into my idea.  I feel the industry (Recycle Refuse cart) manufactures have a strangle hold on the industry and the cart has not had a redesign since 2008.  I have contacted Rubbermaid through their inventors website and not heard back yet, they may be my last hope.  I have a provisional patent on the product an would love to share it here but not sure if that's allowed.  

Here is the run down. the product stores broken down cardboard boxes in your recycle refuse cart to help prevent your cart from overflowing with all those Amazon boxes that pile up every week.  It's a problem that must be addressed but the industry knows better than me.  Is it logical to have a round recycle cart when many Americans are using it for square broken down boxes?  Any advice on how to cram this invention into the hand of the public in order to let them know the error of their ways?

Brian Morgan

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kevin_johnson's Avatar

You might be successful in locating a small but wealthy community with a strong eco bent that would be willing to try your product in real life and give you a strong testimonial.  That would put the onus on you to manufacture sufficient units to supply them.  The enabling help might come from a wealthy resident and sponsor from said community.  Good luck. 

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