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Woops, forgot to add text to my post!

So I was thinking today that I haven't seen any mention on the forum about catalog sales. It seems like that would be an excellent avenue for some products.

I looked it up and found just the one thread, thanks to Ron...:-(

Does anyone else know anything about Catalogs, or have any experience with them?

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When I googled:

catalogs that accept inventor submissions

a number of hits came up showing catalogs that take submissions.

The question is, do you have to manufacture your own product to sell in catalogs??

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The majority of catalogs that I am aware of require you to be the supplier of the finished product. They are just the method to get sales. There are a number of sites that act as a funnel for people that may have just one product for sale. It is a good way to test the market sometimes.

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Thanks Roger. 

Oh well....

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Hi Sarah, I believe also that catalogs/ magazines may still be effective, with a finished product. The cost probably to advertise has gone down, with on-line and tv sales. Do they reach more then on tv? They might have a better percentage of of sales, but not sure they can compete with the total numbers of tv maybes.

I do like old school approaches.  History seems to have a way to repeat. 

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Ha! You're right! Catalogs are old fashioned!! They've become a thing of the past! Do they even send them out anymore? I imagine a lot of the old ones are now online?

I googled Lilian Vernon recently- it's online, but it's a whole different thing.

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Hi, I must be OLD because I still LOVE Getting catalogs in the mail!  To me, there is nothing that beats the serendipity of finding something new or unusual by flipping though the pages - and that AHHA I have to have THAT Moment when you see it!

I spend FAR too much time on the PC, and now flash of pop up ads is now sending us those AHHA Moments through Google tracking.  I prefer catalogs - I suppose it depends on the item - right?


Sarah Mann
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