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Competing IP - Time to quit?

crystaldiane's Avatar

Hi Folks, I am new here.  I have been working on pet market accessory for the past year that had an intellectual property component to it as part of plan to find marketing outlets.  I have just been presented with a comprehensive IP search and identified a couple of items that would likely make it difficult for me to obtain a patent as my product is currently designed. The search further said that they recommened AGAINST Filing a patent under such adverse conditions without making some major modifications. After I read the data, I realized that the other patents have pretty much covered all and them some of the alterations I could make.  Sigh.

That said, I have been making my items and visualized a much larger opportunity for sales than I could do on my own (I started a little business, mail order ETSY and local shows) by tapping into different marketing methods, one being a product of the month subscription.  That larger idea has been my focus all along as I realized early on my sales would otherwise be limited to what I could produce.

Now, I have not submitted this idea to EN yet for review as I just recently found out about EN.  But given that I do not have much of a chance to get a utility patent (maybe a design one) should I bother?  Would potential licensing partners even talk to me under these circumstances because the sales potential only?  Honestly I am feeling very confused and could sure use some help.  Thanks.

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marydickson's Avatar

Hi Crystal! Welcome to Edison Nation. We're glad you found us. I wanted to echo Frank's statement here. If/when you submit an idea to Edison Nation, take the time to explain how your innovation truly is a "better than" anything out there. The submission form walks you through the key questions that will allow you to describe your invention to its full potential, share media and further. Tell your story! Best of luck.

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crystaldiane's Avatar

Thank you Mary and Frank. I do appreciate the advice.  I am struggling with what to do with this pet product.  The search that was done for me was done through a lP legal clinic and was very helpful.  My product differs a bit.  Thanks for your input! 

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