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WHAM-O! Big News For Matt Fleming's Monster Pong!

matt's Avataren_staff_badge

I’ve got more great news! Last week it was Gyro Bowl… this week it’s Monster Pong!

I haven’t been shy about expressing my love for Monster Pong, developed by Edison Nation member and Everyday Edison Matt Fleming. We’ve had some significant challenges and setbacks along the way with Monster Pong but we’ve always stuck to our guns.

When the retailer who committed to it basically stopped ordering anything and everything that it could in order to weather the economic downturn, we went direct. We bought a container of Monster Pongs, built a dedicated Web site at and started guerrilla marketing.

Our bet paid off. With a proven sales record under our belts and a hardcore team that doesn’t ever quit, we have landed a huge deal for Monster Pong…

… or should I say “WHAM-O’s Monster Pong?!!!”

That’s right, we’ve partnered with toy GIANT WHAM-O to blanket retail chains nationwide with the greatest improvement to Ping Pong since the beer cup!

Please take a minute to join me in congratulating Matt Fleming on his awesome product and wish him well on his continued Monster Pong success!

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inventorbrian1's Avatar

Congrats Matt! I know you can’t wait to see that monster royalty check! LOL!

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kathardt's Avatar

Congratulations Matt Fleming!!! My son has been begging for a ping pong table. I’ll have him look at Monster Pong tonight! Great job! Very happy for you!

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cowbell's Avatarg8_badge

Way to go Matt!!!! This is fantastic news!!!

It is this level of commitment that EE and EN bring to the table that keeps me motivated. They have proven that once they are in your corner, they stay there!
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chaser323's Avatar

That’s the way To Stay “Green and On the Scene”. Matt Flemming, way to go Dude!

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goodolbakeshop's Avatarname search

Hooooooooooooly crap, Matt (s)! Awesome!

Awwww, wait a second. Am I going to have to PAY you now, Mr. Fleming, to autograph the 3 that I bought before you were Mr. Big?

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marvinbl7's Avatarg8_badge

GREAT NEWS!!! Congratulations Everyone Involved in making this happen and Congratulations Mr Matt Fleming.

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toni's Avatarg8_badge

WOWWOW! Monster Pong Rocks – Congratulations Matt, I know you waited a long
time for this. Way to go buddy. ox

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mger80's Avatarg8_badge

So awesome!! Congrats to Matt Fleming and EN!!

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cadams's Avatar

Yeah boyeee! Good job everyone! Well done Monster Pong.

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imajane's Avatarname search

Now THAT’S exciting! Congratulations to Matt and the whole EN team!

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betsykaufman's Avatarg8_badge

Hmmmm—-Take that! Congrats Matt!!!

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inovate's Avataree_badge

Congratualions Matt and the ENTeam. Wishing you the greatest of sucess. You are the King Kong of Ping Pong! Way to go. God bless.

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creative2br's Avatar

Good luck to you. Its a great product.

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wigglebulls's Avatar

Way to go EN team and Congratulations Matt.

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jarapo's Avatarg8_badge

Excellent news ! Congrats

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kiskom's Avataree_badge

Congratulations Matt!

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mikeoils's Avatar

Another success story and counting congrats to u Matt!!!!!!

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booradley1's Avatar

I’m at toy fair right now and this brings a smile to my face. Great job everyone!

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051263's Avataree_badge

Congratulations Matt and the E.N. team. I love stories of determination and extra effort. That is a great inspiration for all of us who are trusting E.N with our I.P.
Is there an E.N. Hall of Fame?

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penster's Avatar

Congrats Matt & Matt and all of EN. Wham-O…..WOO HOO!

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plavery85's Avataree_badge

I double that WOO HOO and add a great big YEE HAWW!!!!

That is fantastic news Matt and Congrats Matt F! You have been waiting a very very long time for it but hey it’s WHAM-O. I’d wait for that and be happy for the wait!!!!

Great great great fantastic news!!!!!

Way to go EN!!! I am so happy to have you behind my product because you guys just don’t give up!!!

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marcus's Avataree_badge

WOW! Wham-O! Congratulations Matt F. and EN.

A good invention, hard work, and patience. An unbeatable combination.

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goodolbakeshop's Avatarname search

C’mon, Mr. Fleming…

Speech, Speech, Speech, Speech, Speech!

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sparkbugg's Avataree_badge

just got back from a long day at work….to such a great announcement.

First, thanks to Matt and the EE/EN team for never giving up on MP, and taking it to this level. WHAM-O indeed!! Frisbee, slip and slide, hula-hoop, hacky sack, super bouncy ball. Are you kidding me? Who has a track record like that? Maybe Lady Gaga or Elvis? I am really hopeful.

Second, thanks to the amazing EN community and for all their continued support, and all their congrats. Creative and community-minded folks rock!

I have taken Monster Pong to bars for Meet-ups, and once people start playing, they seem to love it! My hope is that the public will be able to see how fun and convenient this game can be, even without yet playing it, and I am sure that Wham-O’s seal of of approval will really help.

Hoping that MP will be EE/EN’s homerun #4!!!

Always keep hope alive.

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eduardo's Avatar

Kevin,I don’t forget about the appointment we have to play MP. Hope soon we can get together and enjoy this game.

Thank You Neighbor

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