Do You Have a Product Idea for New Exercise Equipment?

Whether Exercise Is Your Passion or Your Pain

It’s a widely known fact that when it comes to diet and exercise, what works for one person isn’t necessarily going to work for the next. Searching for new, creative ways to develop and maintain a healthy lifestyle inherently comes with trial and error for most everyone; therefore, national manufacturers and retailers are always looking for new product ideas for home and commercial exercise equipment.

Hydroliptic sketch and final product. Invented By Charlie Lumsden

You may already have an excercise product in mind.

Consider all of the exercise equipment you have seen come and go and think about what details were overlooked when any one of those products was designed. A valued piece of exercise equipment needs to both improve a person’s level of fitness and also function within a person’s lifestyle by making it possible to overcome any of the barriers that our bodies, our minds or our daily lives create.

What tools would you like to have to improve an existing fitness practice? Is it something people could use at home, at the office, or even on the road? Or is your idea better for a commercial gym?

Submit your idea and we will help you make your fitness innovations a reality.

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Once a product idea is submitted, Edison Nation’s product review team uses a defined process for conducting an intellectual property review to ensure the idea isn’t currently legally owned by someone. A design analysis is also performed which includes studying opportunities for enhancing the submitted product design to reach optimal market potential.

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Edison Nation’s team of product review experts is made up of legal professionals who analyze the patentability of a product idea and prepare license agreements for selected ideas. The review team also includes product design and engineering experts who understand what it takes to evolve an idea into a marketable product.


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