Balloon Time is searching for ideas to help expand their brand of helium kits



Monday, October 23, 2017
at 11:59PM Pacific Time.

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Balloon Time believes a party is not a party without balloons!

Balloon Time is the first and best-selling portable helium kit in the world and has been bringing color, lift and fun to celebrations around the globe for more than 30 years with their DIY floating balloon kits.

Worthington Industries is looking for ideas to create a "wow factor" through the unique use of helium to help extend the Balloon Time brand.

Balloon Time is looking for ideas that meet the following criteria:

  • Make the usage occasion more convenient.
  • Add a "wow factor" through a unique use of helium 
  • Click here to learn how these kits are currently used
  • Target Users:
    • Parents with children 0-18
    • Event planners specializing in birthdays and graduations
  • Price points should be competitive for retail (Party City, Walmart, Target, etc.)

Some other points to consider:

  • One of the main consumer issues with helium tanks is that they are not refillable, and termed "disposable." Consumers do not feel comfortable just throwing them away and are unsure how to recycle. Think about ways to help to make helium tanks easily refillable or recyclable. See this demonstration video for tips.
  • Think about products can require helium to help add special flair to an event.
  • Ideas can either be items that can be sold as part of a value-added kit, or products that can be sold separately as “basket builders”.

More about Worthington Industries:

Worthington is also the leading global supplier of pressure tanks and cylinders. The company manufactures a host of pressure cylinders products for industrial gas and cryogenic applications, transportation and alternative fuel storage, oil and gas equipment, and consumer brand retail products, including BernzOmatic, Coleman and Balloon Time.

All great product ideas are welcome:



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The deadline for this search has passed.
Thank you to all who submitted ideas.