Balloon Time wants YOUR help!



Tuesday, June 05, 2018
at 11:59PM Pacific Time.

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Imagine this scenario...

You're hosting a huge birthday party. 

Guests are on the way. 

You've got food, you've got music, you've got party favors, you've got the decor...WAIT! 

You forgot to blow up the dozens of latex BALLOONS you bought! 

You've got the Balloon Time helium tank, but you have less than an hour! 

How are you going to get it all done?

Balloon Time is BACK and they want YOUR help! 

They're working to solve some popular balloon pain points and have enlisted the help of the Edison Nation community to come up with some solutions!

Think about the scenario above and share your ideas to help inflate and seal more balloons faster and more efficiently!

More about Balloon Time:

Balloon Time is the first and best-selling portable helium kit in the world and has been bringing color, lift and fun to celebrations around the globe for more than 30 years with their DIY floating balloon kits.

More about Worthington Industries:

Worthington is also the leading global supplier of pressure tanks and cylinders. The company manufactures a host of pressure cylinders products for industrial gas and cryogenic applications, transportation and alternative fuel storage, oil and gas equipment, and consumer brand retail products, including Balloon TimeBernzOmatic and Coleman.

All great product ideas are welcome:

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The deadline for this search has passed.
Thank you to all who submitted ideas.