BernzOmatic is looking for ideas to make using hand torches and fuel cylinders safer, faster and easier



Monday, October 23, 2017
at 11:59PM Pacific Time.

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BernzOmatic believes in awakening the innovators in all of us—inspiring a culture of creators who can break boundaries, mark new territory and go where no flame has burned before.

BernzOmatic hand torches and fuel cylinders are precision engineered by the global leader in pressure cylinder vessels, Worthington Industries, to be the highest quality products on the market.

Worthington Industries is searching for ideas to help extend the BernzOmatic brand and to help make their customer experience safer, faster and easier.

BernzOmatic is looking for ideas that meet the following criteria:

  • Safe, Fast and Easy
  • Have mass appeal, not too niche
  • Target Users:
    • Professional users in categories such as plumbing and HVAC
    • "Creators" - those who would consider themselves "Makers" or even chefs
  • Price points should be competitive for retail (Walmart, Target, Home Depot, etc.)

Some other points to consider:

  • One of the main users of BernzOmatic torches are professional plumbers who use the torch to connect copper pipes. There is a trend moving away from copper pipes resulting in less torch usage. BernzOMatic is looking for alternative usage occasions to support with product offerings. Think about other uses of torches outside the "norm." 
    • Examples: 
      • Chefs use torches to sear steaks and seafood, roast/char vegetables, brown meringue, etc. 
      • Makers use torches for bending metal, making jewelry, distressing wood and pyrography, etc. 
  • Additional areas of opportunity may be in creating:
    • A torch that is capable of delivering a larger range of flame profiles, from precision to “fanning." 
    • The ability to adjust and dial-in on various temperature ranges. 
    • Changes in torch style and ergonomics. 
  • In addition to the BernzOmatic line of products, Worthington also has a license to produce fuel cylinders for Coleman. Outdoor and camping ideas for Coleman camping fuel are also welcome within this search.
  • For both BernzOmatic and Coleman, think about ways to make fuel cylinders easily refillable or disposable.

More about Worthington Industries:

Worthington is also the leading global supplier of pressure tanks and cylinders. The company manufactures a host of pressure cylinders products for industrial gas and cryogenic applications, transportation and alternative fuel storage, oil and gas equipment, and consumer brand retail products, including BernzOmatic, Coleman and Balloon Time.

All great product ideas are welcome:



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The deadline for this search has passed.
Thank you to all who submitted ideas.