Rexon is looking for the next innovation in Power Winches and Hoists



Monday, March 04, 2019
at 11:59PM Pacific Time.

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For more than 45 years, Rexon has been the company behind brands such as Porter-Cable, Craftsman and Kobalt. 

The Rexon team is back to work with Edison Nation in an innovation search for Power Winch and Hoists that improve upon the experience of lifting & lowering a load. 

Let your thoughts on how to lift & lower, or pull in and let out, move you to innovate the next great winch or hoist. 

Perhaps it is an experience with trimming a line on a sailboat, or moving scenery on a major theatrical production, or a great off-roading adventure when pulling your Jeep back to solid ground is required.

While the majority of us may never get to use a mining hoist, we all likely have had to lift a large load at some point. Wither it's lifting a load into a flatbed or perhaps raising something into upper storage in a garage or warehouse, these products can be added to daily life.  

Think of those situations where having a little extra help would make your workload easier!