Toter is looking for organic recycling, composting, and/or waste management solutions.



Monday, August 31, 2015
at 11:59PM Pacific Time.

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The deadline for this search has passed.
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Toter is looking for organic waste solutions to help sort and manage waste in a user's home or a business such as a restaurant, grocery store or cafeteria. 

Toter offers conventional waste, recycling and organic waste handling solutions and is the leading manufacturer of two-wheeled carts for curbside automated waste, recycling and organics collection by cities, private waste haulers and recyclers. Toter is hoping to find and license innovation to expand their retail footprint and provide organic collection solutions for consumers and businesses who strive to be waste conscious.


Even though organic recycling and composting has been done for a while in some areas, there is a growing trend of waste conscious homeowners collecting and composting their organics to use in their own gardens and flower beds.

Many more cities are also moving to organic collection because they are finding that a majority of the waste they are picking up from residents is organic waste and can be diverted from landfills to either be resold to a composter or used in their own communities.  

While Toter is open to solutions for residential, corporate and industrial use, they are especially interested in finding premium tabletop composting solutions for the home.

Your ideas should focus on:

 Ease of use for the end user
 Reducing the "ick factor" associated with composting
 Streamlining the process of separating and disposing of organic waste

Your ideas should:

 Be tough, durable and strong and fit within the Toter brand
 Target those who value premium, professional grade products
 Be simple to use
 Require little or no installation

We ask for well-communicated ideas. This includes filling out our easy-to-use submission form to the best of your ability. Upload images, sketches and any other media that support your idea. Tell us why your idea is better than anything else on the market. We even encourage you to create a video demonstrating your innovation. Don’t worry. We aren’t expecting a big-budget production. Please keep videos to less than 2 minutes.

As always, your submission should be unique and protectable (we love to see patented ideas but that certainly isn’t required). Each idea costs just $25 ( $20 for Edison Insiders) to submit.

Edison Nation will accept and review your:


Royalty rates depend on the product and the industry. Edison Nation secures competitive, industry-leading rates for the products we are able to license. Edison Nation splits all revenues 50/50 with you.

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The deadline for this search has passed.
Thank you to all who submitted ideas.