Yahoo! Make It Green is looking for do-it-yourself ideas that improve lives and help our planet.



Tuesday, June 30, 2009
at 11:59PM Pacific Time.

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The deadline for this search has passed.
Thank you to all who submitted ideas.

Dream up ideas that’ll green up our planet.

Yahoo! Make It Green and Edison Nation are turning great ideas that improve lives and help our planet into actual products.

Submit your idea, and if it’s chosen, you could see your product on store shelves, get $2,500 advance and a share of the sales, and possibly appear on the Everyday Edisons TV show.


To maximize the effectiveness of your submission, as well as your chances for selection, you are encouraged to submit tools to help the evaluation process. These include: video of you using/demonstrating the idea, pictures of prototypes/samples, drawings of your idea, etc. Please make it easy for us to understand your idea. And for this search, please include a picture of yourself if possible. (This is for Yahoo!’s purposes – see below.)

Your submission must:

  • Have an innovative ‘good’ element (i.e., saves time, is healthy, makes people happy, brings families together, saves water, reduces waste, reduces hunger, reduces use or impact of harmful chemicals, saves energy, gets people outdoors, etc.)
  • Provide the consumer exceptional value and functionality
  • Be easily understood by the average consumer

The standard Edison Nation submission fee is $25. Thanks to a generous grant from Yahoo!, each idea submitted to Edison Nation costs just $10 to submit. There is no limit to the number of submissions you can make.

Bringing together all of Edison Nation’s leading retailers and manufacturers

When you submit your idea, our research teams will run it through intellectual property and feasibility reviews. Once this is done, the best ideas and products will be presented to Edison Nation’s portfolio of the nation’s leading retailers and manufacturers. These retailers and manufacturers will ultimately be selecting which submissions to take to market. This is unique to all previous Live Product Searches, which are traditionally sponsored by a single retailer or manufacturer. More retailers and manufacturers will mean your idea will have even more opportunities for success.

While Yahoo! will not be choosing which products get presented to Edison Nation’s partner companies, Edison Nation will make several submission snapshots available each day for the duration of the search available to Yahoo! users to vote for by giving the “thumbs-up.” Edison Nation will take the “thumbs up” votes into consideration. However, votes will not determine which ideas and products will be shown to retailers and manufacturers.

More about the snapshots

In order to allow Yahoo! users to see ideas and give the thumbs-up to their favorites, Edison Nation reserves the right to provide Yahoo! with a snapshot of your submission. This may include a picture of you and a general description of the features and benefits of your idea or product. Since it is vitally important to Edison Nation to protect the novelty of your idea or product, we will not fully disclose the intricacies of your invention. A checkbox in the submission process will allow you to opt out of having a snapshot of your idea displayed on Yahoo! if you prefer not to participate in that part of the search.

What happens if a retailer or manufacturer picks my idea to take to market?

If your idea is selected by a retailer or manufacturer, Edison Nation will pay you a $2,500 advance and a percentage of the revenue that Edison Nation generates from the sales of the product. There is no limit to the number of ideas that may be selected for this search.

Additional Questions?

Click here to visit our Frequently Asked Questions page for this search.

Click here to download and review the Live Product Search Innovator Agreement.

The deadline for this search has passed.
Thank you to all who submitted ideas.