You have ideas for new products. What should you do next? Whether it’s a sketch on a napkin or a patented product, we offer the most go-to-market solutions to give your idea the best chance for success.

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We're always looking for the next big thing.

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Each and every day, we challenge our inventor community to invent and submit great ideas. From notable Fortune 500 companies to NASA, we have the partnerships you need to license your great ideas with the most competitive terms and royalty structures. If your product idea is selected for licensing, we’ll do all the patenting and heavy lifting.

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We’re always searching for great new invention ideas to bring to our partners.

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Representation for your patented or patent-pending ideas

If you have an idea that’s patented or patent-pending and you would like our licensing team to pursue licensing opportunities on your behalf, submit it to this program.

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Submit your idea to our AS SEEN ON TV team

Edison Nation ASOTV looks for the inventor who has a solution to a common problem. We turn that idea into a product, a commercial and then place on retail shelves worldwide. To date, we’ve earned over $200 million in sales revenue for our inventors, all at no risk to them.

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Are you an inventor looking for a company you can trust to take your idea to consumers around the world? Find out if As Seen On TV is right for you.

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Submit your idea to our Medical team

We provide a clear and easy pathway for anyone to submit a product idea for potential commercialization by our team of medical, product and licensing experts. Challenge yourself to think of new ways to deliver healthcare, and submit your bright ideas to our distinguished medical team.

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We’re always searching for great new invention ideas within healthcare.

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