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​ASOTV NEVER SLEEPS - Process Update
Official Announcements
55 3313 by Michelle Sartori
Official Q&A for Edison Nation
Official Expert Q & A
6259 319403 by Kathleen C
Welcome to the Edison Nation Forums. Please read these rules before posting.
Official Forum Rules
0 21873 by Matt Spangard
please help!!!
6 151 by Roger Brown
Star Trek Beyond
Just for fun
4 85 by Roger Brown
NEW AND IMPROVED! The Edison Nation Submission Form
1 76 by Michelle Sartori
TWO New Searches! Casabella is looking for new bucket and caddy systems AND storage solutions for cleaning tools!
Live Product Search
33 1550 by Kim L
TWO New Searches! Brand Castle is looking for innovations to build gingerbread houses AND innovative electric or battery-operated baking appliances!
Live Product Search
15 490 by tannis curls
Industry Tips to Inventing
59 3921 by Roger Brown
Crowdfunding Q&A and a great SnacDaddy video!
14 982 by Michelle Sartori
Lesson # 31 Are You Even Bothering To Do ANY Research?
26 1505 by Roger Brown
Received an email from "Kevin Harrington"
11 468 by Roger Brown
Lesson #82 what do you consider important when selling your patent?
0 20 by Roger Brown
Inspirational Quotes
564 14204 by Roger Brown
"Up-Front Research": How I do it
Market Research
25 462 by Frank White
​Lesson # 81 Hey, let’s Sue the Bearer of Bad News
13 279 by Roger Brown
Lesson # 8 I Challenge you to try This Excercise.
37 1925 by Roger Brown
New to inventing but have a few good ideas
3 102 by Leo Gauthier III
Lesson # 26 Does having a Patent Guarantee You Will Make Your Money Back?
47 2902 by Roger Brown
New Search! Health Enterprises is searching for meaningful new product innovations!
Live Product Search
147 6148 by williamj .
Large well known company asking for prototype of my product idea
21 443 by Roger Brown
New here! ...I Have a Prototype (and working with lawyer on patent)...NOW WHAT?
2 115 by Michael Heagerty
I have no idea what I'm doing but I have an idea
4 126 by David .
Question about licensing.....
4 134 by Laura Anderson
1 71 by Michelle Sartori
EN Staff in search of mouthguard
2 201 by Kim L
Have you checked out the Edison Nation Blog lately?
140 4945 by Kathleen C
My invention featured on radio show
In the News
10 264 by Wendy Bialek
Perhaps a better choice of words EN?
Just for fun
3 154 by williamj .
New Search! NuVue Products is looking for new yard work innovations.
Live Product Search
113 8273 by Michelle Sartori
Clean Joke Thread
Just for fun
678 9263 by Kathleen C
Wireless Bendable Cell Foam...
4 129 by Kathleen C
Should I pitch my invention to my place of employment?
2 175 by Roger Brown
Mars Rising Network
2 146 by Adam W.
Bay Glider First test run
79 2039 by James Chapman
Missing Comments....
13 271 by williamj .
Inventors Digest Issues Available Online!
0 60 by Michelle Sartori
Beginning stages
1 93 by Michelle Sartori
Question on Royalties
6 230 by Roger Brown
Some Fun Entertainment ...5
Just for fun
20 239 by Kathleen C
Lesson # 80 Are You Stuck In The "Grass is Greener" Mode?
5 218 by Roger Brown
Dallas Rampage
In the News
28 680 by David .
July's Inventor of the Month!
Just for fun
22 465 by David Pope
New Search! Rio Brands is looking for beach, tailgating and camping products!
Live Product Search
152 5235 by Michelle Sartori
Lesson # 43 Inventing Terms Inventors Should Know
61 9828 by Roger Brown
Wow! Check this Jet Powered Fishing Kayak.
Just for fun
7 179 by williamj .
2 87 by Michelle Sartori
Liability Insurance
2 81 by Therese Martin
Twist Toilet Bowel Cleaner
Web Design & Development
1 110 by Michelle Sartori
Be on America's Greatest Makers with me
Live Product Search
3 190 by David .

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