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Official Q&A for Edison Nation
Official Expert Q & A
6245 317570 by Michelle Sartori
Welcome to the Edison Nation Forums. Please read these rules before posting.
Official Forum Rules
0 21503 by Matt Spangard
Remember Our War Dead
In the News
5 89 by joseph jackson
​Lesson # 76 What I learned about starting a business around your product
2 53 by Elizabeth Crouch
Industry Tips to Inventing
53 3534 by Roger Brown
New Search! NuVue Products is looking for new yard work innovations.
Live Product Search
88 5227 by Derrick James
Wearable Tech.
Live Product Search
2 80 by Lorenzo D'Alessandro
Lesson # 59 ​Can You Say It Without Saying It?
17 406 by Roger Brown
Lesson #49 What Do You Do To Get Your Mind Rolling?
6 378 by Roger Brown
Sales advice
5 221 by Adam W.
Stage 7
Live Product Search
2 170 by Susan Alvarez
Have you checked out the Edison Nation Blog lately?
133 4583 by Michelle Sartori
Anybody in ASOTV search this quarter?
Live Product Search
14 885 by Louis Adimando
Cool Inventions' Votes Needed
5 178 by Kim L
Roger Brown
Just for fun
7 232 by Kim L
Standard ASOTV Practice?
Live Product Search
7 294 by Roger Brown
Did You Know?
8 236 by James Chapman
Inventing a food product help
Market Research
3 126 by Adam W.
Clean Joke Thread
Just for fun
666 8820 by williamj .
Live Product Search
7 233 by Roger Brown
Inventor's Lounge
10216 180635 by Kim L
Lesson # 17 How Much Are You Willing To Spend On Your Idea Before Asking For Help?
56 16605 by Roger Brown
Lesson # 76 I Have Looked and “There is Nothing Out There Like This”
0 90 by Roger Brown
Insider Blues
17 430 by Gordon Hamilton
Play Everywhere Challenged - $1M in Grants
8 367 by Ted
I wish I had invented that
Just for fun
176 4818 by James Chapman
Need Advice on Creating/Pitching Toys
11 337 by Roger Brown
Lesson # 65 Do You Know The Answers To These Questions About Your Idea/Product?
12 501 by Roger Brown
Lesson # 38 Making your Presentation Big is Not Better
15 716 by Roger Brown
Is There An App For That?
5 127 by David .
How I use industrial design to develop my inventions
Industrial Design
46 624 by tim hayes
Aproaching more than one company at a time to license patents??
3 176 by Michael Heagerty
Maker Faire Bay Area
In the News
1 84 by Kathleen C
Sales Lesson #5: Determining (Leveraging) Personality Styles
40 641 by James Chapman
Roger's new ebook is out!
In the News
92 2466 by Roger Brown
ASOTV Companies Prototype & Patent Submission Questions
Live Product Search
2 205 by Eduardo Matos
Star Wars Innovations
Just for fun
22 476 by Kenneth Rainbolt
Best formats for uploaded media
Everyday Edisons
1 95 by Michelle Sartori
Returning Prototypes
2 195 by Rachel Peters
Can I really make money licensing?
Everyday Edisons
5 496 by Roger Brown
Pitching Kevin Harrington
35 793 by James Chapman
Lesson # 27 Quit Posting Your Invention on Youtube and Facebook
27 45337 by Roger Brown
Lesson # 43 Inventing Terms Inventors Should Know
59 9645 by Roger Brown
Would USPTO grant a Patent on a abandoned Patent...?
6 241 by Steven Szarawarski
Did anyone submit to the HSN product listing?
Live Product Search
21 977 by patricia herzog-m...
In Need Of Some Prayers For My Daddy...
256 3615 by Kim L
Waiting for my ship to come in...
406 9313 by Kim L
Some Fun Entertainment 5 ... Inventors' Game
Just for fun
13 242 by Kathleen C
need advice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
6 225 by James Chapman
Lesson # 71 Practice With These Sell Sheets
13 475 by Frank White

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