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​ASOTV NEVER SLEEPS - Process Update
Official Announcements
195 11270 by Michelle Sartori
Official Q&A for Edison Nation
Official Expert Q & A
6258 323878 by Rafael Avila
Welcome to the Edison Nation Forums. Please read these rules before posting.
Official Forum Rules
0 23699 by Matt Spangard
TWO New Searches! Dulcop America is looking for innovations for their Bubble World and Burst Bubble Brands!
Live Product Search
41 1677 by Kathleen C
The Race of the Mermaid Tail Blankets (Bloomberg)
0 20 by Ken Hill
Idea for Apothecary search
3 212 by Steven J. Frey
January's Inventor of the Month!
Just for fun
20 415 by Jeremy Shults
EN's 2nd Million Point Man!!!
Just for fun
36 1087 by Jeremy Shults
Design patent options
0 7 by Brad
Clean Joke Thread
Just for fun
680 9558 by Kathleen C
Roger's new ebook is out!
In the News
112 3542 by Roger Brown
Presenting an idea to a company
5 181 by Roger Brown
The buz you get from creating something that actually works is very rewarding mind stimulating.
1 71 by Roger Brown
Invention search
Industrial Design
0 1 by Edward Lennon
What topics do you want to see covered on the blog?
In the News
18 602 by Michael Heagerty
Inspirational Quotes
596 16075 by Michael Heagerty
A very special birthday wish...
Just for fun
16 391 by David .
NEW Search! Great Star Tools is looking for new innovations in hand tools!
Live Product Search
50 2234 by Derrick James
Raspberry Pi
11 233 by Glenn Stok
You have to wonder WHY??
Just for fun
24 813 by Kim L
Wash and shop
4 269 by Kim L
Pet Retailer Welcomes Inventors To Pitch
In the News
1 113 by Jimmy's Band
PPA Questions.
Live Product Search
18 392 by James Chapman
"Up-Front Research": How I do it
Market Research
42 1324 by Frank White
Lesson #13 What Do You need to STOP Doing as an Inventor?
23 1534 by Frank White
Does EN develops app ideas?
Web Design & Development
2 188 by Ahmed
Lesson # 92 ​Doing Searches on Your Invention ideas
9 246 by Rafael Avila
Have you checked out the Edison Nation Blog lately?
173 6482 by Michelle Sartori
Letting a provisional patent expire.
16 326 by Narciso "Cheech" ...
12 576 by James Chapman
Industry Tips to Inventing
68 4823 by Roger Brown
On a positive note
Just for fun
378 8390 by David .
Inventor's Lounge
10225 182225 by Jacob Downey
Patent Claims Question
67 2470 by James Chapman
Theinventorsplatform.com, help me please.
18 478 by Glenn Stok
questions about software
2 130 by Robert Pontius
​Lesson # 81 Hey, let’s Sue the Bearer of Bad News
37 1230 by Mark Bartlett
Product improvement: can a 3D CAD drawing suffice in lieu of working prototype?
1 130 by Michelle Sartori
Happy New Year 's
Just for fun
5 162 by Daniel Moskal
Large well known company asking for prototype of my product idea
23 864 by Crystal-Diane Nappi
Rubber that hardens when heated and softened when cold
1 121 by Rafael Avila
Lesson # 91 Things to Understand about Toy Brokers/Agents
5 184 by Roger Brown
Has any inventors here made it through the 8 steps (question is for inventors only)?
Everyday Edisons
8 840 by Roger Brown
SUCCESS STORY! The 'Everyday Edisons' story behind Casabella's OxiClean Splot!
Everyday Edisons
41 1385 by Saletta .
Lesson # 01 How To Improve Your Chances in the EN Searches
622 57802 by Roger Brown
Happy Holidays from Edison Nation and Enventys Partners!
Just for fun
15 419 by Glenn Stok
In the News
14 422 by Rafael Avila
Roger Brown Question For You
Live Product Search
3 228 by Roger Brown
How to create prototype in China?
17 808 by Rafael Avila
New idea for existing product to a company
2 243 by Leo Gauthier III

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