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Official Q&A for Edison Nation
Official Expert Q & A
6258 322949 by Rafael Avila
​ASOTV NEVER SLEEPS - Process Update
Official Announcements
174 9938 by Kleopatra
Welcome to the Edison Nation Forums. Please read these rules before posting.
Official Forum Rules
0 23178 by Matt Spangard
Inspirational Quotes
586 15535 by Jill Kelly
Does EN develops app ideas?
Web Design & Development
1 21 by Michelle Sartori
What if product submitted in wrong category/search?
4 77 by Michelle Sartori
2 128 by Michelle Sartori
Have you checked out the Edison Nation Blog lately?
160 5913 by Michelle Sartori
​Lesson # 81 Hey, let’s Sue the Bearer of Bad News
28 901 by Roger Brown
5 309 by Jimmy's Band
It's finally available!
17 443 by Kim L
Lesson # 77 Quit Saying You Have a Patent When You Don't Know What You Have
15 547 by Roger Brown
New here
4 181 by Adam W.
Gearing up for Sell Sheet and Video Pitch
Live Product Search
12 424 by Frank White
Legal Question:
6 237 by Rafael Avila
December's Inventor of the Month!
Just for fun
17 275 by Elizabeth Crouch
TWO New Searches! Dulcop America is looking for innovations for their Bubble World and Burst Bubble Brands!
Live Product Search
10 439 by Adam W.
Is this patent-able?
6 248 by Roger Brown
NEW Search! Great Star Tools is looking for new innovations in hand tools!
Live Product Search
26 1045 by David .
EN's 2nd Million Point Man!!!
Just for fun
22 606 by Kim L
Many ideas
3 168 by Travis yaholnitsky
Lesson # 88 ​Understanding Companies Review Process of Your Products/Ideas and How Business Can Change
3 112 by Roger Brown
TWO New Searches! Brand Castle is looking for innovations to build gingerbread houses AND innovative electric or battery-operated baking appliances!
Live Product Search
196 7523 by Michelle Sartori
Trump V Clinton
In the News
91 2077 by Steve
How long does it take to get out of stage 3?
1 96 by Michelle Sartori
Boy, did I have a dream last night...
Just for fun
23 420 by Archie .
Should I Submit an Invention that is an Improvement on an Existing Product?
Market Research
10 278 by Kathleen C
Lesson # 87 Licensing vs Manufacturing
2 194 by Roger Brown
Curious about Crowded Market Competition/Feedback
5 159 by Roger Brown
Custom Styrofoam Parts?
4 137 by Rafael Avila
Totally new with an indea
Everyday Edisons
4 205 by roger pena
Lesson # 26 Does having a Patent Guarantee You Will Make Your Money Back?
73 3809 by Roger Brown
Lesson # 43 Inventing Terms Inventors Should Know
64 10206 by Roger Brown
Anyone with experience sending prototypes to EN HQ?
9 374 by Michael Heagerty
Speaking with someone over the phone
1 102 by Michelle Sartori
Industry Tips to Inventing
64 4530 by Roger Brown
Edison Nation, Enventys & Command Partners take on the #MannequinChallenge
Just for fun
17 420 by Michael Heagerty
Inventor's Lounge
10221 181777 by Jacob Downey
Heat resistant Silicone
4 119 by Mark Kawashima
SUCCESS STORY! The 'Everyday Edisons' story behind Casabella's OxiClean Splot!
Everyday Edisons
31 817 by Michael Heagerty
Roger's new ebook is out!
In the News
104 3177 by Roger Brown
How Will Trump Affect Us Inventors?
19 466 by Archie .
Lesson # 76 I Have Looked and “There is Nothing Out There Like This”
13 979 by Roger Brown
Unresponsive page display
2 188 by Jamie Adkins
3 215 by joseph jackson
What Stage Should be Considered an Accomplishment?
Everyday Edisons
10 394 by James Chapman
Happy Veterans Day
In the News
4 141 by Jacob Downey
November's Inventor of the Month!
Just for fun
19 412 by Ken Hill
IRWIN TOOLS wants to see how you measure up with inventing the next measuring device
Live Product Search
33 1903 by Kenneth Rainbolt
Is There a Way to Skip to Newest Post on a Long Thread?
4 750 by William Ashley Lewis

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