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Web Development, Internet Startups, and Software
Internet Startups, Web Design & Development, and Television Production
Inventor, Entrepreneur, and Mentor
making it rain, wiping it down, and the watermelon crawl
Engineering, Software, and Microcontrollers
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arlington , TN US
Licensing Expert, Cold Calling, and Negotiating The Deal
B2B Sales, Sales Mgmt, Sales Training, Inventor, Entrepreneur
Inventor, Entrepreneur, and Business Consultant
Muscle Car Restorer, Mechanic, Farm Equipment Operator, Grandma
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Karen Norris
Islip , NY US
I love As Seen on TV!!!!, Author: Author of The Thought of Me Journal- sold on, a journal to capture your thoughts at every age., View Newest Publication:, Product Developer and Enhancement, and Brainstorming
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Sarah Gupta
Omaha , NE US
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Mattew Staton
Willowick , OH US
Inventor and Web Design & Development
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Jane J.
Clayton , OH US
healthcare, nursing and Team Talva!!
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James Chapman
Bonita Springs , FL US