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Web Development, Internet Startups, and Software
Internet Startups, Web Design & Development, and Television Production
Mental Health Counselor/Inventor
creative out of box thinker, Toastmasters, Certified Laughter Yoga Leader, Participant in various consumer think tanks , and Inventor of the POTSOX - POTSOK designer wear for flowerpots
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Julie Brown
Yuma , AZ US
creative thinking,inventing, Brainstorming, www.E-ZzzSleep.com, www.SleepyHeadPillowcase.com, www.TravelersTread.com, Member UIA (United Inventors Association), and At G7 for 4 months with BB&B Women of Invention
Just received a US Patent for (soap-eeze) Individual Liquid Filled Soap Bars
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Marvin Blaine
Los Angeles , CA US
Print and Web Design
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Diana Dumitru
pastry chef
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Jane J.
Clayton , OH US
healthcare, nursing and Team Talva!!
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Brad Stradling
Hermosa Beach , CA US
sarkis's Avatar
Sarkis Derbedrosian
glendale , CA US
General building Contractor, www.proscheck.com, and www.sakosconstruction.com
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Carol A. Williams
Writer, Public Speaker/Educator, Inventor, Mentor, Accountant, cooking, mana, Training and Representation, and Professor in Business and Applied Technology
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Yolanda Jackson
Janesville , WI US
sterile processing tech
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Katie Pacello
Chandler , AZ US
Residential Appraiser