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  • Red and Gold Love Bird Polymer Clay Sculpture - necklace with glass beads and resin.
  • Tami age approx. 37 (I'm 52 now) This is my all time favorite picture of me.  Oh to be 30 something again!  ; )
  • Tami at 40 something...
  • My hand, approximately 1 1/2 inches tall sadly I've nearly lost the tips of three fingers and did a TERRIBLE job gluing the index finger back on.  I'll fix it someday....I started this on a camping trip on the day of the OJ Simpson slow-speed car chase.
  • My first sculpture - I think - circa 1979 or 80. It's approximately 4 inches long, carved from a single piece of wood.  The chain links are articulated.
  • Another view of the Ball and Chain Sculpture
  • Taken at Christmas 2011
  • This is another one of my articulated wooden toys, this is my son Len on a dragon.  He's much too old to ride on dragons anymore, now his daughter is my little dragon rider!  I'll be making one of her too.
  • Just for fun!  (Inspired by Baruch's crazy photos)
  • Ball in a Cage Approximately 1 1/4 inches tall
  • This is the stove and sink I made for my grand daughter's dollhouse.  The oven door opens and the rack slides out. It's wood and polymer clay.  Also unfinished, I still have to put the cabinet hardware on.
  • This is one of the shower favors I made for my neices baby shower.  Her theme was zebra, and her colors were black, white and hot pink.  The inside of the boxes were painted pink and filled with candy.
  • This little guy will be in an underwater scene when I ever get around to finishing him...also encased in resin.  I'll also be doing a mermaid, a coi in a pond, a ghost and an alien and I have lots of other many ideas so little time!
  • Same boxes, different angle.  We also use them as party favors filled with candy.
  • Polymer Clay gift boxes, this is a favorite project of mine and my sister-in-law, we make them all the time!  They're really fun...
  • Small sample of the polymer clay/resin miniatures I make for my grand daughter's dollhouse.  Miniatures are my passion!  This one is a steak, baked potato (complete with sour cream, butter and chives) and a side of veggies.  Also shown is a plate of fruit

Tami Harris

Skills/Activities: Manager, State of California and Artists, Miniaturist, Sculpter, Woodworker, Woodcarver, Toymaker, Quilter, and many many other types of arts and crafts.

Member Since: 05/28/2008

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Micro Blog

  • A few more regrets...

    November 19, 2012

    I do have a few more regrets that I forgot to mention – I regret that donut I ate just before my presentation…..damn you coconut why do you hav to be so delicious?? I regret not taking any pictures with all of my wonderful new friends…

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  • Adventures in La La Land....

    November 19, 2012

    I just got home at 2:30 in the morning after dropping off one of my EN friends near Monterey. I had the most awesome amazing wonderful experience and echo everyone else’s sentiment about how wonderful everyone was. From the moment we…

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  • Patent No. 2 is Currently Under Review by the USPTO!

    September 06, 2012

    My second Utility Patent application (a Continuation-In-Part (CIP) of the first Patent) for the Frostingo Decorating Dispenser’s electronic, programmable controls and the LED Display is…

    continue reading
  • Patent No. 2 is Currently Under Review by the USPTO!

    September 06, 2012

    My second Utility Patent (a Continuation-In-Part (CIP) of the first Patent) for the Frostingo Decorating Dispenser’s electronic, programmable controls and the LED Display is currently…

    continue reading
  • I hate red...particularly when it comes in the form of an X

    August 24, 2012

    well, it’s over for me and the show…I got the big ugly red x this morning and I’ve been crying all day over it. I’ve been through this before though so I know I’ll get over it but right now it just really…

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  • G5 in the Wolfgang Puck Search!

    August 22, 2012

    Oh I was so excited about my G-6 that I almost forgot to mention that I also received a G5 in the Wolfgang Puck search!!!! And, since it’s already fully patented (utility patent) with a second patent pending I expect to be G-6 in the WP…

    continue reading
  • G6! (with a bullet I hope!!!)

    August 22, 2012

    I am now at G6 for the Frostingo in the EES5 search!!! After reading the “New Season 5” thread in the Forums I now realize that this is an even bigger deal than I originally thought! I thought I had two more stages to go through…

    continue reading
  • Go Frostingo!

    August 01, 2012

    Great news, I am a finalist for the Insider Licensing Program and I just received a G5 for the EES5 search, both for the Frostingo. I’m very excited about both opportunities.

  • Another G-4 for Frostingo!

    June 05, 2012

    Hi, I have good news, I am at G-4 for the Frostingo for the EES5 search!!!

  • I just received a G-4 for both Frostingo and Craftingo in the ASOTV Search!

    May 18, 2012

    I’m so excited! I’ve been holding my breath for days now waiting for G-4s for my Craftingo and Frostingo submissions to both the ASOTV search and the EES5 Searches. The first of the two recent status…

    continue reading