inventormom looking to create

August 24, 2008

It is a rags to riches … back to rags story and I am on a journey of my life time. I am looking to take my quest to create to the next level… as I truly believe in the passion of inventing and following in the footsteps our the greatest Inventors of our time, I am looking to support my self on the notion dreams do become reality, having successfully developed and patented an exciting new product called POTSOK I have learned dreams do come true. Take a peek on YouTube for POTSOK and see what you think…

Fly Baby Fly ...

November 09, 2011

It’s just there …
 Real, Raw, the uncut version of possibility .
It follows you around like a lost puppy 
At the end and beginning of each day you see it
at the end of each breath  you feel it . 

It’s just obvious …
Compelling, Controlling its the driving force 
that pokes a hole in the middle of any sane thought you might have for the day 
Or any clear explanation of why to contradict a proven solution 
When for you,  the end of every question is the beginning to an answer .

It’s just simple…
a fact that  puts you on the map once again 
as being obsessed or lost in a daydream 
Totally passionate, exhilarated and motivated
To make unbelievers believers .. Step into the flight zone 

it’s just an idea …
The  spell that takes one captive
Simple, Sensational- complex or ridiculous 
The coat of many colors, the peg your forcing into a square 
The zippy little which a muh gig that people just don’t have 
 Or the Trigger itch , you have no other choice .. Pull the trigger 

 It’s just you ..
A full blown Nutty Professor ..  Oh yes !!! 
A Ditzy  Blonde .. Better believe it, permission granted 
Because what it takes, is to see beyond the thought
To go the distance, stretch it pull it defy all odds 
 let it fly through a firestorm never look back …

You are an Inventor … A Mighty Warrior … So let it Fly Baby Fly …

Bandai .... 12/15/2011

December 13, 2011

One point at a time
we listen to each other,
find it or leave it …
it all becomes, it’s all, apparent.

A race to the end
green dots lead the way,
one never knows tomorrow
for today … let us just play.

it all comes together
we have heard once before,
the rules are the same
but the stakes, that much more.

the price is understated
it hangs in the distance,
as a glowing reminder…
beckoning off the resistance.

I have seen this path before
a new day is beckoning,
but i am drawn to the passion
and driven that much more.

The sound of the drums
we will learn of our true fate,
and the lessons will be ours
just to cherish in our space.

Enjoy the journey my friends
because it’s admist adversity we stand strong,
it’s the echo we will hear
in the walls of our search …..

Big Hugs for a great tomorrow …

Simple does as Simple feels ....

April 22, 2012

One of the most impressive moments here at the Forum is the simple acts of kindness that happen randomly when one least expects it … So often a simple question, a simple concern or just a simple welcome makes the biggest impact … words are powerful and can change a person forever …