You got to be kidding me?!

June 12, 2014

Hey whoever,
I have been a mechanic/technician the majority of my adult life.
Back in 1999 I modified an existing tool to better fit my needs, through the years tweaked an adjusted it.
I looked into a patent, both trying to obtain it on my own, and the outrageous cost have hiring someone.
So it sat, I always thought I would see it in the tool section one day and never did, I googled it and found nothing out there like it (lol).
We listen the the John Boy & Billy Big Show at work, they started talking about this Edison Nation I never heard of, said to submit you ideas.
So I paid the nominal fee, and entered my submission, Jan. 24th 2014, as of May 19th 2014, I have cleared the finalist and am waiting for my exclamation point!
It’s been a long time coming and if or should I say when(lol) it makes it to market, y’all wont believe no one came up with it before. I will update you as time progresses.