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Web Development, Internet Startups, and Software
Internet Startups, Web Design & Development, and Television Production
Prototyping, Product Design, and Inventor
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Eric Huber
San Juan Capistrano , CA US
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Don Kelly
Alexandria , VA US
Patent Applications AND Prosecution, Patent Search and Opinion, Coaching Inventors; Seminars, Patent Portfolio Management, and Certified Licensing Professional
Entrepreneurship, Inventor
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Marvin Blaine
Los Angeles , CA US
Print and Web Design
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Jane J.
Clayton , OH US
healthcare, nursing and Team Talva!!
Prototyping, Design, and Artist
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James Chapman
Bonita Springs , FL US
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Jayme Selinger
North Billerica , MA US
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Tony Murillo
Chicago , IL US
creatve thinker, I write lyrics to instumentals, and Garage Inventor
Sideways Thinking, 3D Design, Misunderstanding things as better than they are, Getting irritated by things that don't work well, Napkin Sketching, "Physical Sketching" (making quick working prototypes), and 3D Printing (I'm a 3D printing fanatic!)