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Derrick James
Beloit , WI US
Inventing, creativity, innovation, engineering, design for six sigma
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James Chapman
Bonita Springs , FL US
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Robert Harker
Gainesville , FL US
3D Modeling and Animation ... Digital Prototyping, Management, Creative writing, Information Technology, Hardware Design, Simulations, Photography, and Photogrametry
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Elizabeth Crouch
Sheridan , OR US
Entrepreneur, Inventor, Creative Thinker, Mountaineering Enthusiast, Grandma!
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Adam W.
Grand Rapids , MI US
Marketing, Sales, Negotiation, and Making things work
Industrial Design, Automotive/Transportation Design, Product Design, Product Development, and Innovations
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Jacob Downey
Cordova , IL US
Left home as a professional musician. Served in the US Air Force & married my childhood sweetheart. I completed my BS in Automotive Engineering & Teaching (minors; driver’s ed & pilot), then an MBA in Biz Management., Those exposed me to becoming a talented in many mediums of creation; model making, drafting & design, wood, plastic, metal, ceramics, paint, print shops, electronics, computers & programming, and I plied the trades of auto mechanics and carpentry., I became both an artistic practitioner & entrepreneurial businessman. I’ve been focused in training/ teaching, automobiles and residential & commercial construction., At one point I’d journaled my life for 10+ years, but NOT with inventive ideas, so I started that in 1986, immersing myself in any-&-every inventor I could find., My 1st patent, a specific clipboard. I was on a team for my 2nd – 4th : fiberglass step stool / fiber rolling drain pan / low-rise scissor lift for 9.000 lb vehicles., 5th, a windshield wiper (made it to EN-R6). 6th a pending beverage can (G7, hoping for LPS-G8), 7th a bag sealer, and 8th intake & exhaust valve design in engines/ air pumps., More to come, plus new companies I am starting. I’ve written over 35 training & ops books. I’ve been in association mgt and am a professional speaker on many subjects., An avid car racer, keeps engineering skills honed, currently owning an SCCA ITS Mazda RX7. In my early 60’s, I need to lose some weight : - ), Being the owner of a Pack-Parcel-Post store for some 10 years now, HAS taugfht me several humbling things - more to come, I'm sure., I THOUGHT I was good at multi-tasking, when I first bought the store, but I sucked. Now I think I'm good, which makes me think I'm actually kidding myself, and it's time to revisit the "denial" lessons from 12-step recovery training : - ) ) ), Because we work with corrugate so much, I rediscovered my engineering problem solving skills, and..., I found out that I was being arrogant when I'd state that I was an out-of-the-box thinker, as if I was liberated or something. Now I find that it's GOOD to be on both sides, plus inbetween, and I have no problem telling people I ALSO THINK INSIDE THE BOX, Ah Yes! Life's lessons ARE quite humbling. That's why I love all of the Edison-isms I've found in my reading..., and ... especially to be spurred on to action and productivity, because it is easier to "die on the vine," than drop in-proper-time, and give me ten "productive-fruit" push-ups : - )
Highly creative, Inventor, Innovator, wannabe photgrapher, chef, painter, etc.
Community and Marketing Coordinator
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Skip Perry
Montverde , FL US
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Monte Hess N/W
Boise , ID US
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Jaganathan Krishnan
Manville , NJ US
IT, Inventor, and Idea Developer