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  • After demonstrating his new mower concept, Chuck's legs were mega strong!
  • Frustration with organized politics
  • Watercolor of RE Lee and Traveler
  • Monogram 1/72 scale Convair B-58 Hustler built as the "Pulaski Hustler"
  • Painting neighbor kid's bedroom
  • ACH-47A interior
  • Practice on ANYthing
  • Acrylics on foam board entitled: "Cleansing Fall"
  • Acrylics on foam board entitled: "Go-Go's Last Stand" 2nd Edition
  • Heller 1/72 T-28S "Fennec", scratch built into a U.S. Air Force T-28A
  • Presentation Day Action Figure Set
  • This is a "What-If" build... what if Burt Rutan was a Boeing designer during World War 2
  • 1/28th scale Fokker Dr.1 "Tri-Plane"
  • Eric and Marvin during the booking on the stalking charge, which was later dismissed when Betsy finally got through to the Magistrate on her flight home.
  • A few of Perry's many EN personalities
  • Big Wheel times

Frank White

Location: Asheboro, NC, US

Skills/Activities: Teacher (4th grade) - Licensed Funeral Director (retired) - Artist/Illustrator - Master Scale Modeler

Member Since: 08/27/2010

College: Gupton-Jones
Major: Post Mortem Restoration and Recovery
Minor: Embalming and Grief Psychology
College: Wake Forest University
Major: Behavioral Psychology
Frank white hasn't added any forum posts yet.

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Micro Blog

  • To any would-be crook...

    October 02, 2013

    I once had this statement in my microblog, but removed it for a time… now it’s going back up.

    ANYONE who uses our “friendship” as a way of taking advantage of me or my intellectual…

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