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  • GPE 2010
  • 1st Proof of concept test
  • My Invention "Cool Down Doggie" at the Global Pet Expo 2010
  • 1st proof of concept
  • Progress
  • Misting leash in action
  • This is what muddejp is all about.
  • My son and I going for a drive.  A Good way to take your mind off of waiting for results.
  • One of Darby's favorite Christmas Presents
  • Geisha
  • Industrial Design Concept
  • 1st Prototype
  • 1st Proof of concept
  • Charlotte,NC Transit Master Control
  • Untitled
  • My Misting leash in its packaging ready for the shelves.

Greg Spiegel


Skills/Activities: Engineering, Software, and Microcontrollers

Member Since: 01/02/2008

College: Florida State University
Major: Electrical Engineering
College: Tallahassee, Fl
Major: Electrical Engineering
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