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Web Development, Internet Startups, and Software
Internet Startups, Web Design & Development, and Television Production
Inventor, Entrepreneur, and Mentor
making it rain, wiping it down, and the watermelon crawl
Facilitator, Trainer, Project Management, Business Strategy & Planning, Business Performance Improvement, Business Technology, Requirements Management, Weapon System Acquisition, Contracting, Project Engineering, Hot Air Balloon Chase Crew, and Former Air Force Officer
Inventor, problem solver, general contractor.
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James Fisher
Walnut Creek , CA US
Graphic Design, Flash Animation, Web Design, Sell Sheet design, Presentation Design, 3D modeling & 3D animation, Virtual Prototyping, Patent Drawing, Instructional Material Design, Logo Design, 3D Animated Video Production, Pre-visualization, and Invention graphics and 3D animation Consultant
Prototyping, Product Design, and Inventor
Engineering, Product Design, Product Development, and Mechanical Engineer and Graphic Designer
Inventor, New Product Development, and Marketing and Licensing Agent
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Austin S. Lin
Cambridge , MA US
Inventor, Entrepreneur, and Business Consultant
Master Carpenter