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Olugbenga Oredein

Location: Akron, OH, US

Skills/Activities: Conceptual Innovator, Ideas, Biomechanical Research, Research, and Product Development

Member Since: 11/22/2009

College: University of Virginia
Major: Mechanical Engineering
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Micro Blog

  • My Invention Process

    November 28, 2011

    1. Identify Customer Needs and Necessary Specs
    2. Generate and Select
    3. Product Architecture: MOST IMPORTANT
    4. Industrial design
    5. Redesign
    6. …

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  • IndieGoGo Funding Campaign

    February 24, 2011

    O-Zone Product Development has launched its first IndieGoGo Funding Campaign. We have developed 4 technologies that will hit the market shortly, with your contribution. With a successful campaign, we will present at least two of these…

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