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Milan Dubravka

Location: Minneapolis, MN, US

Skills/Activities: If anyone ever tells you your dreams are silly, just remember there's a millionaire walking around who invented the pool noodle!

Member Since: 03/25/2013

Milan dubravka hasn't added any forum posts yet.

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Micro Blog

  • Insider Search - Kitchen Gadgets: G7!

    October 01, 2014

    Thankful for all the work EN is putting towards this project. I feel really great about this one! I cannot wait to find out how far this idea can go...

  • NASA Challenge: 2 for 2

    September 23, 2014

    Super stoked right now! This morning I found that my second idea made it to G7 too. The presentations to the NASA team is scheduled for tomorrow. My first idea has a bigger commercial potential than the second one but both of them have a great…

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  • NASA Finalist!!!

    September 18, 2014

    I feel honored and humbled to have at least one of my two ideas presented to the NASA team. I am at 1xG7 and 1xG6 as of today. Getting this close is exciting and nerve-wracking at the same time. I cannot even image what it would be like if NASA…

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  • Urgent Food Storage Search G7!

    September 03, 2014

    I was excited for a few short moments when my idea advanced to G7 - I thought, "yet another idea of mine made it to the vendor-presentation!!!" I later found that the search had been satisfied by another subject that worked independently with…

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  • Radio Flyer G7

    February 04, 2014

    I cannot believe this but my idea of the “coolest ride-on toy on the planet” made it to G7! The fact that this idea will be presented to Radio Flyer folks is hard to grasp right now… February 13 is going to be a huge day and I…

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  • Joy Mangano G7!

    November 12, 2013

    So excited! Yesterday my idea got G7 in the HSN Joy Mongano’s search. This was my very first idea I have submitted with EN. This time around, I have made a little addition, in part because of the extremely valuable…

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  • Fender Finalist!!!

    October 21, 2013

    Early this morning I learned that the EN team moved my idea to the 8th stage: my guitar case idea WILL be presented to the folks from the legendary Fender guitar company. WOW!!! I am so pumped…

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