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  • Adjustable Bookmarks with Prayer in Prayer Box Pendant
  • Adjustable Bookmark with Open Book Charm
  • Adjustable Bible Bookmark on Spine with Cross Pendant
  • Adjustable Bookmark with Open Book Pendant
  • Adjustable Bookmark with Gold & Silver Cross
  • Adjustable Bible Bookmark with Packaging
  • Adjustable Bookmarks with Gemstone Pendants
  • Adjustable Bookmark with Star of David Pendant
  • Adjustable Bookmarks with Christmas Charms
  • Adjustable Bookmark with Cross Pendant
  • Adjustable Bookmarks with Angel Pendants
  • Adjustable Bible Bookmark Around Cover with Cross Pendant
  • Christmas Tree Adjustable Bookmark
  • Adjustable Bookmark-Gye Nyame-Adinkra-Symbol
  • Adjustable Angel Bookmarks in 3 Books on Shelf
  • Adjustable Bible Bookmark with Cross Pendant

Sylvia G. Stephens

Location: Hyattsville, MD, US

Skills/Activities: Inventor, "Adjustable Bookmark" Designs, and Writer-Editor

Member Since: 02/13/2008

College: Auburn University
Major: Journalism
Minor: Journalism
College: Troy State University (Graduate School)
Major: Public Administration
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