New to EN

November 16, 2011

Recently just joined and done a lot of catching up just reading posts. The EN members seem genuine and supportive. Some posts are funny, some educative on the process and some inspiring. But most important have learnt to understand that dashboard addiction is so normal!!!!! Hope to catch up with you all. Good luck to everyone.


November 20, 2011

Am at G3 now on 3 of my products. Will keep track here of my time lines, my highs…Gs….and lows….Rs as i journey through with my ideas.


December 15, 2011

Moral support to everyone in this one as the presentation gets closer. Not in this one but so exciting all the same and gives me an idea how the process works out on D-day. I hope I make presentation for Brica, my 1st round of submissions. But for next two days all my support to my EN friends in the final race. And to the EN team travelling and presenting. Bless them all!!!!!