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  • BlackTie After 5 Smart Electric Bicycle
  • FSB Team Formula
  • Handground Manual Coffe Grinder
  • Visiobike Smart Bicycle
  • Lithium Machines Electric Hypercar
  • LM Sport Car
  • Nvidia Promotional Car Console
  • LM Sport Car
  • Visiobike Smart Bicycle
  • Lithium Machines Electric Hypercar
  • Terrafugia TF-X™
  • Terrafugia TF-X™
  • Lithium Machines Electric Hypercar
  • Rock Vapor Guitar Personal Vaporizer
  • Urbis
  • Blackboard Transact

Vedran Martinek


Skills/Activities: Industrial Design, Automotive/Transportation Design, Product Design, Product Development, and Innovations

Member Since: 12/16/2014

College: European Institute of Design, Turin, Italy
Major: Transportation/Automotive Design
Minor: Industrial Design
College: Callegari Institute
Major: Interior Design
Minor: Interior Design
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